Run the World

I’ve never really had a life plan, spontaneity and evolution have been the cornerstones of my world. Today, 25th June 2017 is different and it is a day I will remember, because today is the day I made a decision that will significantly change the direction of my life.

I’m going to Run the World.

In what direction and through which countries I’m not sure. The world record is 621 days to run through 26 countries over 16,300 miles. I’ve yet to determine the route and whether I will make a world record attempt, but of one thing I’m sure, this is going to be a BIG CHALLENGE!

I was inspired by my own T-Shirt this morning, and this photo seems appropriate. In  the background is a handwritten scroll I had made in Beijing last May, after completing the Great Wall Marathon –  ‘Believe in Yourself’. Beneath it is a handmade cloth from Peru, I found after I completed the Inca Trail Marathon in 2008. That race when I discovered the  pure heaven in finding a challenge that is totally impossible in every way from where you stand today, but then you achieve it. I think I’ve picked a good one.IMG_0457

So what now?

Well now my day continues, Sunday lunch needs cooking, I need to convince my sixteen year old game playing twins to detach themselves from the headphones and computers to come on a dog walk, and I need to do the first of 5 consequetive 10mile runs as I start my training for Marathon des Sables 2018.

But my mind is bouncing, my heart is buzzing and I feel alive once again, to the magic of running around the world. How I will do it and how I will fund it are both questions I have no clue about yet, but that makes it all the more fun!

Hope you enjoy reading about the progress and hope you find your challenge.

No Limits


I'd love to hear about your running adventures, 1 mile or 100 miles!

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