How to Run Around the World?

It’s been fabulous that nobody I’ve spoken to has doubted that I’m serious about this challenge. ”How are you going to do it?” has been the question most frequently asked.

According  The World Runners Club, there are some basic rules if I want it to be officially recognised and as I’m going to need sponsorship for this, I thought I may as well try to break the world record. The current record is 621 days and I am going to aim for 600

So this is what my Run Around the World will entail

  1. Travelling on foot for a minimum of 16,300 miles across at least 4 continents
  2. Travelling in the same direction, without any gaps and through antipodal points
  3. Crossing all lines of longitude either on foot or via other transport  – but the non running / walking components do not count towards mileage
  4. Running more than 50% of the total distance
  5. Over the 600 days, plan in 3 10 day ”time off points”, plus 1 rest day per week. All time off is included in the total completion time

The Marathon des Sables is described as the toughest foot race on the planet and it was amazing to finish that in April. I absolutely loved every second of it, and have signed up again for 2018. However it was about 1% of the challenge I’ve set myself.

I’m only just starting to do any distance since a minor op, so this week my goal is to get consistently run 10 miles on 5 consecutive days, rest 1 day then run 5, plus a min daily 2-3 mile run/jog with the dogs.

I have no illusions about how big a challenge this will be and to meet my projections I will need to run around 33m per day for about 490 of the 600 days. The next few years training and planning will require complete commitment, self discipline and belief.

I hope you can enjoy the journey with me.


I'd love to hear about your running adventures, 1 mile or 100 miles!

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