The Journey of My Lifetime..

My every waking moment is consumed considering the journey of a my lifetime as I plan to run around the world. Bubbling to the top are:  1) The Route 2) Solo or Supported 3) Personal Strength. Route planning is the mind boggling fun bit!

I’ve searched online globes and maps for hours getting more and more confused by the complexity of it. Yesterday I had 30 mins to spare and by chance discovered a lovely Emporium selling vintage, retro and upcycled goods. I resisted the urge to buy everything, staying focused and willing a wall map or globe to appear, and appear it did. Maybe not quiet as vintage as I’d have liked but it is perfect to help me visualise.


The Route

The 7 successful world runners have taken a variety of routes, covering from 50, 000 to 26, 232 kilometres and taking 1,789 to 621 days.  So far, only one female has successfully run around the world, hers was the longest journey, so hopefully I will be either the Fastest Woman to Run the World or at least the Fastest Granny to Run the World!

My route will include the following:

– Run across Europe – To make up for never doing the 80’s Inter-Railing thing in my teens, and I do happen to live in Europe, at least for now! Europe will be the start and finish, I just need to decide whether Ireland as my Dad’s birthplace, or Yorkshire, my home.

– Run across Africa – To satisfy so many needs: always felt partly African as my Mum was raised in Zanzibar; making a vow to live there after briefly living in East Africa in the 90’s, and more recently admiring the greatest runners on the planet. Hopefully get some tips whilst I’m there!

– Run across Asia – To complete the circle of my Irish, African, Indian roots, India and Goa have to be included – my maternal grandparents were Goan. I’ve long had a strong affinity to Ayurveda too and Kerala needs to be included, as does Japan as the 1 request from my step daughter Megan, so that she can join me on that leg.

– Run across North America – Simply, because of friends and family I’d love to see along the way, some of whom may join me for parts of it. It may also be relatively easy logistically compared to Asia and Africa.

I cant describe how exciting it is to be planning this, it is totally enlivening.

I’ve has some unexpected media interest in my running recently, with an article in the Yorkshire Post, interview requests from 3 other magazines, plus local BBC Radio. All great contacts for the big event, when publicity will be pretty important to raise awareness and funds! Here’s the link to the Yorkshire Post article..http://www.yorkshireeveningpost.co.uk/news/leeds-grandma-hot-foots-it-to-the-sahara-1-8629118

My granddaughter Marley has instructed me to sign off my blog ‘Granny Tish’ from now on, so here you go Marley,

Discover your dream!

Granny Tish.

I'd love to hear about your running adventures, 1 mile or 100 miles!

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