Run the Island

A surprise 48hr, wonderful and very memorable family weekend provided my first opportunity to discover the amazing island of Menorca, setting in motion a new mini challenge on my journey to Run the World.

It’s hard not to be amazed by the peaceful beauty of Menorca, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, with its unspoilt natural landscape. The fabulous company of my nearest and dearest balanced my natural urge to ‘run-explore’ in such a short trip, so I limited myself to two 2hr runs. The first, on winding roads around Calla Llonga, and although lovely, I was frustrated by the apparent lack of  trails. Yesterday I headed in the opposite direction, and accidentally discovered a trail with a little signpost, ‘Cami De Cavalls’. My heart leapt as I darted off onto what appeared to be ancient, rocky paths, steps and shady tree lined glens with striking dry stone walls. Reenergised as my feet hit the trail, I didn’t notice the 33′ heat anymore, and if I hadn’t already run out of water, I could easily of got blissfully ‘lost’ on the trails. Instead after a few kilometres I found my way to the scenic Port of Mao to refuel on water.

I was hoping there must be more of those ancient trails, so this morning, waiting for the flight,  I looked for a book about the island to find our more. I couldn’t have been more overwhelmed with what I found!

It turns out that the trail I had stumbled upon is in fact an ancient route, which has only recently been rediscovered.  Amazingly, the Cami De Cavalls goes right around the island and is indeed ancient, dating back to the 14th century. It was designed to access the coves and protect the coastline and was previously used as a public right of way. As recently as the 1980’s the route was rediscovered and in 2009 the island council turned the Cami de Cavalls into the long distance GR 233 path, Part of the Natural Paths of the Spanish State. It looks absolutely stunning and I cannot wait to run it!

So now I have my first Run The World mini run decided upon: Run The Island – Cami de Cavalls, 185.4km. Will be my first solo multi-day on unknown trails, a great training experience. Hopefully I can persuade some of my aforementioned lovely family to join and support me with food and drink drops but if not the island is small enough to figure that out. I cant wait to go again – hopefully September or early October.

To top the weekend off, a flat 18m run from Apperley Bridge to Leeds after flying back today. Main objective to recce my new mid week commute to work, 9 m out and 9m back.

Now that was a fabulous weekend will not forget!

Granny Tish

I'd love to hear about your running adventures, 1 mile or 100 miles!

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