Picture Your Future


Anyone who knows me, knows how important career and education are to me but they may not realize that the starting point is what drove me. Getting pregnant during your A-levels isn’t always the best steps towards future career and educational success….

Having a child at eighteen, was challenging but my daughter Jasmine, gave me a reason to focus. There were many times when people passed judgement, they didn’t see the picture of our future that I visualized, of the family love I felt and happiness I knew we would have. When people looked pityingly at me because I wouldn’t be able to go to University, I proved them wrong and got 2 degrees; when they were convinced my career would suffer as a single parent I proved them wrong, consistently getting promoted. I worked hard, studied hard and set myself on a quest to prove to everyone that I could be a successful student, career woman and young single parent. Often the dream seemed impossible; I remember one rainy night, with only five pounds and nowhere for us to sleep. I stared at the rain in the drain and knew this was getting close to ‘the gutter’, I couldn’t afford a roof over our heads. Luckily my oldest and dearest friend came to our rescue. This isn’t about pity or pride, there is a simple reason for sharing this, to tell you that however big the obstacles you face, even if you feel they are crushing you, you can step forwards.

Picture the life you want, the goals you are determined to achieve, ignore the doubters, keep away from negative energy, and just take small steps forwards. Never lose sight of your dream, and you will get there, slowly building up a wall of memories to remind you of the journey. The more you remind yourself of the steps you have taken to move forwards, by looking at the pictures of your journey, the more your self belief will increase.

Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t achieve your dreams, they are yours and you can do anything you want to. I will achieve my dream to Run around the World, because I will not allow anyone else’s negative energy to infiltrate my world.

Life is just like a big long run, one step forwards and its 90% in the mind!

Picture your future – and go get it!

Granny Tish


I'd love to hear about your running adventures, 1 mile or 100 miles!

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