I never liked Pale Ale!

Yesterday was a bad running day.

I started the North Yorks ‘marathon’ looking forwards to an undulating run on the moors and for the first 10 miles or so it was, right on target for my goal time. However the rest of the journey was pretty hellish, largely due to lack of basic preparation coupled with some bad luck. So why was it so bad..

  1. I set off tired, a long work week and dogs barking at 1am at a bat!
  2. My iPod stopped working at around 10 miles
  3. I didn’t research the route – it wasn’t an undulating’ marathon but much longer with over 5,000 ft of tough fells
  4. Large sections were unrunnable: no paths, thrashing through chest high brambles or foot tripping heather
  5. Limited signage resulted in me taking the wrong route twice, thanks to an unfriendly farmer who moved the markers
  6. Stomach cramp caused a few emergency stops, which were not pretty

To top it off as I approached 25m, almost an hour later than expected, having just put my all into the last few miles, I was told there were 5 more miles. I really thought it was a joke!

It’s rare for me to finish a run and not say I enjoyed it. The harder the better, I get more satisfaction; even though the scenery was amazing and it could have been my perfect terrain, my flow was gone and I struggled. I had hoped to finish the marathon in under 4hrs. The overall winner was 3:58, winning female 4:56 and I was 5:59 which considering the terrain wasn’t too bad for 29.5 miles.


I was handed a bottle of Maverick Trail Pale Ale as my ‘trophy’ and its probably quite appropriate, as even when I drank I didn’t like Pale Ale!

This morning, after a good sleep,  I took Pluto and Cosmo for a walk. I had that afterglow of a warm bed following a tough run. Pleased that my legs felt good, my knee wasnt sore, and though tired, other than an ache in my lower back I felt good.

I pondered why I didn’t enjoy it?  Why did I lose my flow?  I still haven’t got the answers. I’d hoped that by now I’d be looking back fondly, but I’m not. I really didn’t enjoy very much at all of Saturday’s run.

Some lessons.. apart from the obvious like read up on the route!!!

I knew I needed to focus on strength training and that has been underlined but i also need to ensure that I can always stay mentally strong when things go wrong. I need to maintain my flow in the face of adversity.

Its been a reality check, by the time I start my run around the world, yesterday’s run needs to feel like a run in the park, there will be 600 or so more to follow!

Positive Thinking !!

Granny Tish



  • Dawn

    Stay positive Tish, that’s the best advice ! Staying with the positives, ran my first double digit run today, 11.1 miles (practice for the EHM next month) remember what an inspiration you are GT 👍

    • tishjoyce

      That’s fantastic Dawn, well done and best of luck with the half! That’s excellent news – made my day! Let me know how you get on 👍

    • tishjoyce

      That’s great news Dawn!! Brilliant progress and so pleased you’re doing the half. Let me know how it goes, I’ll be thinking of you. Thanks and you’re right Positive Thinking!

  • Nick

    You should come to the Great British Beer festival – find one you do like 🙂
    Congratulations on staying the course.

    • tishjoyce

      Thanks Nick, I’m tee total these days so not likely to be on my to do list 😂 thanks for the encouragement though 😀

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