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This blog aims to convey the journey of running around the world from idea to fulfilment and it has the tag line – ‘Granny Runs the World’ because my grand-daughter Marley,  is at the core of my inspiration.

When Jasmine was pregnant, I made a decision to eradicate the negative things in my life and show my daughter, my step children and this soon to be grandchild, that there was another way. It took almost eight years to make lasting changes that would change my family history, but her impending birth was my motivation. She motivated me to train and complete the Inca Trail Marathon so that I could make her believe she could achieve anything. That was the starting point.


Marley’s impact now goes beyond motivation, she truly inspires me to be the best I can be. I’ve been blessed to have had her to stay for the last ten days, constantly amazed at her ability to take every opportunity or challenge that crosses her path in her stride. This picture was taken after we bumped into some rock climbers on a dog walk, within minutes she was scaling and abseiling the rock face for the first time, totally unfazed and forever smiling. I dont know anybody that lives their life to the full more than she does.


She made me laugh more than ever, had me in tears more than once, and fills me with pride and humility all in the same breath.  A grand child brings life full circle, inspiring me daily to be the best I can be. Marley symbolises ‘Family’ for me, a bundle of pure and beautiful energy in which I see the best of my daughter, my step children, my brothers, my sisters and my parents.

Grand parenting has meant a rest week from running with just a couple of 5ks and an 8m run yesterday, though we kept busy and managed to clock up 56 miles worth of steps. A few days back in work this week, with a strong focus on stretching my hip flexors before a weekend challenge to run 100 miles on Ibiza ahead.

Happy Holidays,

Granny Tish


  • Dawn

    Got a PB at the local park run, closely followed by a hamstring strain … stupidly long run Sunday turned into a 6.5 mile run followed by a 3 mile hobble home. Now resting with a torn hamstring …. day 8 and it’s driving me mad ! Dawn x

    • tishjoyce

      Oh so sorry about that, I know it doesn’t help and a hard thing to do when you can’t run, but if you can motivate yourself to use the time to do some strength training it could have a positive impact. I hate it when I can’t run but last year it did me some good 😊

  • Paul Francis

    Sounds like Marley is full of energy, just like her mum was last time I saw her. Good to see you haven’t slowed down in your old age granny.

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