Run to Work: 3 countries, 6 days

Finding the time to train require some creativity with hectic work schedules and anyone who hops on their bike or runs to work will tell you its a great way to start the day. Decades of research has proven running before work provides clarity, improves memory and creates new brain cells to improve productivity, as well as all those feel good factors.

Refreshed after my summer break, its time for a new challenge in my Run the World training plan. Run to Work:  3 countries,  6 days, 180 miles, unsupported.

On the Thursday 19th October I will run a marathon to Hull, England after work and catch the overnight ferry to Rotterdam, Netherlands. In the bright morning sun, I will run across the Netherlands to Dusseldorf, Germany over 5 days, camping en route.

Walking into work on Wednesday morning, I’m hoping to feel a certain sense of satisfaction and will let you know if the theory re clarity, memory and productivity is true! My Run to Work will take me across 3 countries, over 370 miles, of which I will be running 180 miles. I have yet to figure out how to run on water 🙂

Punk Panther Urban Legend Ultra 57k

Its been a restful week this week and looking forwards to Park Run in the morning before focusing on strength training next week and the Urban Legend 57k Punk Panther Ultra, starting in Otley around the recently launched North West Leeds Greenway.

Enjoy your weekend,

Granny Tish


I'd love to hear about your running adventures, 1 mile or 100 miles!

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