How do you find Balance in this Crazy World?

Most of us struggle with prioritising and finding balance our whole lives, often questioning work life balance. I’ve found it to be just as difficult over the years finding the right balance with friends and family, partners and children, parents and children and very often partying or being healthy.

When life got really tough a few years ago, I was amazed how other people’s lives continued as if life was normal. How could they carry on when my world had collapsed? It was then I started to get it, and finally in the last year or so I’ve really understood. We all see this world through our own little window, each one is very, very different from the others. However much we think we are walking side by side, we are often worlds apart. That knowledge helped me to simplify my life, as I realised its impossible to make everyone happy, so I stopped trying. I focus first on my own health, without it I am no use to anyone. Then comes the health and happiness of my children, then the rest of my family, then friends and the most needy outside of my world.

Running happens to be a big part of my journey, and almost by accident, by those few simple changes, my world slowed down a little. I found balance for the first time in my life. To be the best you can be in your career or in your personal life, finding that balance is fundamental in my book. It’s not selfish to focus on your own health, its our foremost responsibility, and the enabler to success, balance, giving to others and being prosperous in every way.

This article was published this week in Women’s Running, written a few months ago, and regular readers will know things have moved on a little, hope you enjoy.

Granny Tish

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