”..the Horse Has Bolted”

I’ve always preferred to run alone; probably because I grew up in a family of six children and there wasn’t a lot of opportunity to be alone. Today was an exception, and I ran with my brother Rone. It’s the 21st anniversary of his death this week and before he died, he said ‘Never forget me’. I decided to run today’s Punk Panther 30 mile Ultra, one mile at a time, for each year of his life. It was a fabulous run, instead of music lyrics I had Beethoven and memories of Rone all the way. My mind is buzzing with happy, crazy, proud and sad, memories. When it got tough towards the end, after I got lost and ended up doing an extra 1.4 miles, I really felt his presence – I do now. Rone was a real character, never constrained by rules, setting his sights high, even as a child. Today he helped me put my ‘little run’ into perspective and as a result it didn’t feel like a big deal to run 52.3 kilometres, weirdly the age he would be today. Amazingly I was first person back overall. Race rules mean as I did the 50k not the longer races, I come below those who did the long run, but I did good today, I did my best and it felt good being back first. Apart from enjoying Rone’s company, focusing on something other than running for six and a half hours, really helped, I felt great the whole way and do now. Thanks Rone.


I'd love to hear about your running adventures, 1 mile or 100 miles!

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