How to avoid getting lost running to Germany?

That has been the question occupying my mind for a few weeks, since I decided to do Run to Work, Leeds to Essen, Germany and how can I make the route as scenic as possible? Well I’ve found the answer..run further!!!! 100 kilometres further to 300 kilometres, the longest I’ve ever run.

The Marathon des Sables was 250k over 6 days. I’m raising the bar with this to 300k over 6 days. I’m now running most of the route on the Dutch canals and Rhine River however, until I reach the European Green Capital, Essen.

This is an endurance test, which will test me physically, but it will be a huge mental challenge too: running alone in unknown territory completely self sufficient. A great test of my nerves and great insight to what it will be like Running the World. BUT….its also a holiday and I intend to enjoy my journey along the waterways of this part of Europe. My new route is much longer but it simplifies matters considerably, reducing the risk of me getting lost, although my sense of direction is infamous!!

I’m determined to be remain relaxed in my approach: I know the end goal and the direction of travel is clear, how each day will work out remains to be seen. Here is the route..

Day 1: 21 k / 13.1m, Leeds to Amsterdam – Thursday 19th October

Leave work and run a half marathon to Leeds Bradford airport and fly to Amsterdam, Schiphol and stay at the airport overnight

Day 2: 60k / 37m, Friday, Schiphol, Amsterdam to Driebergen, Utrecht

Run from the airport, joining the canals as much as possible, through Utrecht to Driebergen, Utrecht and stay overnight

Day 3: 60k / 37m, Saturday, Driebergen to Tiel and River Rhine

Run from Driebergen along the canals to Tiel and join Rhine River, continuing along the Rhine towards Arnhem

Day 4-5 100k / 62m, Sunday and Monday, River Rhine through Arnhem towards Duisburg

Continue along the Rhine to Arnhem and then on towards Duisburg

Day 6 40k / 25m, Tuesday 24th October, To Duisburg and on to finish in Essen via Ruhr Valley

Final day will be easier with a 10m run into Duisburg to complete the journey on the Eurovelo 15 cycle route, before running the final half marathon from Duisburg to Essen along the Ruhr Valley Cycle Path to arrive at the office in Essen some time in the afternoon.

I’m running this to raise money for Cancer Research as too many of our close friends and family are suffering – this is to show them we can beat this disease and we are all fighting for them in whatever way we can. Even if you can’t afford to donate, please show your support and join the Run 2 Work campaign to beat Cancer!


Now on to finalising my kit lists, this is definitely bringing back memories of MDS Planning earlier this year.

I'd love to hear about your running adventures, 1 mile or 100 miles!

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