Ready, Steady, Go!!

I’m ready to go! First jog in a few weeks with the dogs today and my ankle feels fine, although I’ve decided to tape to be on the safe side. Final kit check and addition of a few things for cooler and rainier conditions – absolutely love my new Inov8 Ultra Shell and mittens!! Bag now zipped and weighing in at just over 5kg and that’s with an iPad mini – which I’m happy with!

Tomorrow I will fly to Amsterdam and begin what is for me a wholly new experience – a solo multi day run for 5 days, Amsterdam to Essen, 300k self supported and self navigating. It’s the last bit that was causing me more concern than anything. ‘Tish’ and ‘Self Navigating’ are not words which anyone could have imagined together. I considered this the other night, when I realised that based on my track record, I will probably end up covering 400k! I pondered why I was doing something I know I am completely incompetent at: ‘’How do I make the impossible, possible?’’ Then I realised! The reason I am doing this, is because it seems impossible.

That’s the fun of it, that’s the challenge.

Sure the distance on my feet is a challenge, but the self navigation and organisation is the real challenge – to be able to keep it together and figure out the route and logistics when I am exhausted – that is what I want to test on this run. I want to see if I still find it fun when I’m lost and miles from by bed with nobody to rely on but me.

This is my biggest challenge to date because its the furthest I’ve run, but more because of the lack of support for logistics, food and accommodation that come with organised runs. It will let me have my first taste of what running around the world will be like, and I’m sure I will learn a lot.

Thanks for al of your encouragement and for those who have sponsored massive thanks – its all for Cancer Research. I will be using Strava via my Garmin for those who want to see where I am, but I’ll be blogging when I can too.

Thanks again,

Granny Tish


I'd love to hear about your running adventures, 1 mile or 100 miles!

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