Tough commute?

Mine was!! It started off well….

I woke at 5am, and started the day with MDS freeze dried granola – 800 calories! It might look a bit basic, but I know it works and there was a calming familiarity cutting up the plastic bottle, just as we did in the desert.

I reorganised my bag whilst waiting 2.5hrs for my food to digest, and realised how much weight the last minute changes to my kit for the weather had added – it was 8kg without water. The weight proved to be tough today, largely as I’ve done very little running with a pack since May and none with anywhere near that weight. Lesson No 1!

The sun was shining and I was excited to set off, that is until I went downstairs to see torrential rain and winds..nothing like the forecasted intermittent showers. Having checked the forecast again I decided I’d have to brave it.. And brave it I did..hour after hour. It stopped raining for what felt like 20% of the day, and although temp was 14-15 it was very windy and felt a lot colder.

I had just under 60k to run and I knew I’d be soaked through in 5mins. My wonderfully shiny new Inov8 Ultra shell is shower proof, not downpour proof! So the day was very tough and most of it wasn’t exactly fun! The sun did shine through for a short while, and there were some nice moments to lift my spirits.

There were many more moments when I asked myself why I was doing this? I was cold, wet and running for hours on endless flat tarmac with no technical trails or hills to distract me. I was out of my comfort zone. After 8hrs shuffling along I was miserable when I got to Driebergen. But having showered, warmed up in my amazing Hagloffs down jacket and refulled I felt a lot better..

Thanks to everyone for their lovely messages and sponsorship, you can’t imagine how good it feels to have such support, it kept me going today.

I knew today would be tough ..similar distance tomorrow but hopefully less rain and a little more scenic. Pleased to say ankle, feet and generally me feeling good.

Thank you,

Granny Tish x









I'd love to hear about your running adventures, 1 mile or 100 miles!

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