A positive mental attitude …

It really can turn your world around, it did mine…

My second day started out fabulously with my first sight of a trail as I ran my first leg to Wijk bik Duursterde and it’s quaint cobbled streets. It’s the prettiest town I’ve seen so far and I ambled around for awhile. After the rains, came the sun and I felt pretty good: no aches or pains, no blisters and quite fresh.

Running along the river was fun, and it felt great to get off the roads. Although I’d planned the route along the tarmac cycle paths of Eurovelo 17, I’d expected from this town to pick up footpaths along the river bank. That wasn’t the case however and I faced another day of almost exclusively tarmac, with the River Nederrijn teasing me through the trees.

I tried to ignore it, enjoying the sun and flat roads, but pain in my lower legs started to get to me. I tried going onto grass verges where possible but ended up walking with intermittent running. Negative thoughts consumed me as I focussed on my pain, heavy bag, the tarmac and anything else my mind could, to pull me down. I was despondent and in pain and knew I was barely half way.  I took my shoes off in a cafe and my lower shins were swollen and painful. I ate some bread, butter and salt as I read all the messages of support. But I was struggling to turn myself around and had decided I’d probably end up walking most of the way.

And then this happened.link..

I laughed out loud, wrote the words I WILL DO IT, ate a few painkillers and started running, barely stopping until I got to the B&B. Once I got running again the pain would go I told myself, as the natural pain relief kicked in and it did! With a newly restored positive mental attitude, thanks to Marley and Charlie I ran singing in the dark. My mind was filled with thoughts of the long day at MDS which is still my favorite ever running day., grinning every now and then at how lucky I was to be a Granny.

It took just over 8hrs on my feet to get through just under 60k on Day 2. It was tough but I did it and was still smiling at the end feeling elated.

IMG_0468 I decided last night to rest today, try to change my route to reduce the tarmac and set off later to give my legs time to recover. Although my feet are blister free and no real muscle soreness, I think the tarmac and heavy bag has taken its toll  on my shins. Swelling has gone down and pain subsided but they are red and bruised looking which is a little concerning considering 3 days to go. Time to ditch kit!

But I WILL DO IT – Positive Mental Attitude always wins!

Thanks to all for your support – especially M & C, ❤️❤️

Granny Tish



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