How to make dreams come true?

Four months ago on Saturday 25th June, I had a crazy idea to run around the world. From the moment I googled “Run the World” I knew it was going to change my life, and started this blog the very same day.  I rembered how inspired I was after running the Great Wall of China marathon last summer in an attempt to commit to a healthier lifestyle. I’d had a Chinese scroll painted which said “Believe in Yourself”.


Four months later I’m about to complete the first big step towards that dream, Run to Work, my first ever solo multi day challenge running from Amsterdam airport to our offices in Essen, Germany.

Yesterday I had some very low moments, not only was I exhausted and in pain, but I was nauseous, couldn’t stop burping and had stomach cramps. I felt mentally tortured as the never ending tarmac passsed by forests either side, but even when I climbed a fence to get in, the forest paths went the wrong way and my direction was un runnable.

I was really struggling to stay positive, it was like negativity overload and all of my usual  tricks were not working. I kept telling myself that it was wasted energy, I had to finish, there was no other option, but I was doubting my ability to finish again and again even though I only had 10k to go.

I stopped and found the video my granddaughter Marley had sent me on Saturday. I played it again and heard Marley and Charlie telling me as loud and clearly as they could “We believe in you Granny, we all BELIEVE in you”. I slowly started running and soon the remaining 10k had become 5k, then 2k, then I’d arrived.

So how do you achieve your dreams? Yes you believe in yourself but just as importantly surround yourself with a community of people who believe in you. We all help each other to achieve our dreams and in our weak moments it’s your family and friends that will pull you through.

Today I will run a marathon distance to finish my  Run to Work Challenge, I know I will finish because I believe it and I know you do too.

Thanks so much for all your support, it’s been quite a journey in many ways.

P.S. I’ve made a BIG decision, more later 😁

Granny Tish x



I'd love to hear about your running adventures, 1 mile or 100 miles!

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