Toughest Challenge So Far!

It’s frosty and wet this morning so I managed to justify to myself to write before going for my run. (Read avoiding the cold and hugging my cup of tea on the sofa!) It’s amazing that I sat here ten minutes ago and wrote the words..’at the final stage of my circumnavigation of the globe on foot’ …with full confidence that I would be doing that having only had the idea 6 month ago. It really is amazing how we can focus our minds to believe in our dreams and achieve them.

But there is no denying I avoided the freeze this morning!! I won’t be able to do that in a few weeks as I’m going to undertake the toughest challenge so far…

This is Sauerland in the Winter, it looks amazing and I’m going to run 250k, solo, on relatively remote forest trails for 4.5 days, in sub-zero temperatures, wind and rain, with minimal day light and unsupported. I don’t know if there will be snow but I do know it will be wet and cold. It’s a little scary thinking about it. Scary but exciting. The feeling of pushing myself into unfamiliar territory is always this mix of fear and exhilaration. I suppose that’s one of the reasons I do it. Wind, wet and cold weather cannot be made to sound any better for a runner though – it will be tough and I know it. It will take every ounce of my willpower and mental strength to keep going not to mention a little physical stamina.

I seem to say ‘Toughest Challenge So Far’ a lot, but its true, it is, each stage of this journey seems to up the game a little more, pushing me into new territory. Starting after work on Thursday 7th December I will run an average of 55k each day, finishing on Monday 11th December. The first 80k along the Ruhr Valley Cycle Path which will link with the forest trails of Sauerland at Iserlohn, before continuing towards the E6 Long Distance Walking Path. The best case is that I will reach the E6 trail at Munden, but I’m still searching for an English version of the forest trail, so that may be optimistic – 250k is my goal!

Running in the winter, means that by the time the spring and summer months come I will hopefully have gone through some of the tougher times and be more confident. Plans for next year are coming together nicely, and this last run of 2017 should coincide with confirmation of a number of sponsorship and practical matters which will make this dream to Run Europe as part of Run the World possible. I will run cross 8 European countries in all: Netherlands, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia, Bosnia Herzegovina and Croatia. Not using any other form of transport for a single step of the way, each time picking up exactly where I left off.

The final 2 European countries will be something to look forwards to, running across Ireland and England at the very end of Run the World as I run back to the start in Amsterdam having circumnavigated the world on foot!! One final and very important message to you all is THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

I’m overwhelmed at your generosity and support over the last 18 mths. Since I started to turn my life around and get healthy by running the Great Wall of China Marathon in May last year, you’ve helped me to raise almost £10,000!! The total stands at £9, 479.08!!! Wow Wow Wow!!! Jet 2 have kindly offered a raffle prize to help raise some extra money for Cancer Research and reach the magic £10,000 by the end of the year!! More details on this coming and it will hopefully be a thank you present to one of you!

Enjoy the Freeze,

Granny Tish

I'd love to hear about your running adventures, 1 mile or 100 miles!

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