33 homeless people will be having Christmas Dinner thanks to you and you have a good chance of winning one of two free flight prizes! Prize draw tomorrow eve.

Today was a better day, amazing forests all day, still very cold, strong winds and heavy falling snow for the 36.6k road run.  Snow was cleared on some but it fell fast and didn’t last long. Half were either solid ice, crunchy or fresh snow but my Altra Lonepeak were ace; I felt really confident and haven’t slipped once in mud, ice or snow on trail or road. Learnt a few lessons re base layers but most of my kit has been perfect.

I’ve had an amazing Finnish sauna, buried my legs in snow, bathed, self massaged and stretched. Just finished delicious meal and ready for bed! Tomorrow is the last day of Run for Christmas Dinner. I’ve completed 115k so far and have just planned tomorrow  – 50k to Winterberg to finish. Considering conditions, I’m happy with what I’ve achieved and although tired, apart from a worryingly tight lower hamstring behind my right knee, I’m feeling strong.

Slight issue in that I left my Fenix charger in Iserlohn – so I will need to try to use my phone to record distance as only 45% battery left.

Big thanks for all your support it really does keep me going in the low moments.

Have a lovely Sunday eve,

Granny Tish



I'd love to hear about your running adventures, 1 mile or 100 miles!

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