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Run for Christmas Dinner was a success as 45 people get off the streets at least for Christmas Day but….

My performance was below par because I made some basic mistakes. I didn’t test kit or train for expected conditions. I didn’t plan the route properly, have the right skills or equipment to navigate. Most importantly I was tired and mentally exhausted starting out. I thought my optimism would see me through, and it did on day one as I covered 62k, but over the next 3 days I was mentally in the wrong place. I allowed all the  distracting details to steer me off course and sap my energy levels, and play chaos with my mind. I covered just under 150k in total and conditions were no excuse, if I’d done what I knew I should have done I’d have made 200k.

I’ve finally learnt my lesson because I know if I carry on I will compromise Run the World. I won’t let that happen, so instead of wallowing today, I’m feeling really good. I’m really pleased that I know all the mistakes and how to fix them. It shows me just how far I’ve come this year considering I’d never done a single ulta until February.. I started trusting my instincts, rather than seeking others approval and its brought about quite some change …This time last year…

1. I was obsessing about how much I couldn’t run
– Desperately concerned I wouldn’t make the Marathon des Sables after a navicular stress fracture, through increasing distance too quickly required surgery
– I jogged my first 5k in 5 months, ahead of schedule on Christmas Day elated I could

2. I was frustrated with my career 
– I was feeling stressed, overworked and under valued by my company
– I didn’t feel challenged and wanted to do something more fulfilling, to use my experience in other ways, giving something back, but could never find time

3. I was lonely and unhappy
– I was isolating myself from family and friends as I approached my first alcohol free Christmas and struggled to know how to interact without my “crutch”                            –  I was berating myself because I couldn’t fix the life challenges of those I love

Today …

1. I’m obsessing about how much I can run
– I finished in the top third in MDS 2017, 52nd woman and was over the moon
– I’m running around the world, have run solo across the Netherlands and half way across Germany with the rest of Europe planned for 2018

2. I love my new role with the same company, Lowell 
– I stopped blaming others for my frustrations, decided what I wanted and got a role which consolidates my experience and steps me forwards in the right direction            – I’ve taken a decrease in salary to enable me to take unpaid leave to partner with EU and UN Women teams on campaigns to empower women as I run through each country

3. I’m happier and fitter, mentally and physically than I’ve ever been.                        –  I’m 50 in May and think this is one of the best phases of life!                                            –  I’m comfortable in my own skin, don’t apologise for being happy, and have let down the barriers, to be transparent as me, Granny Tish at home, at work at play, one person, no different images                                                                                                  – Run the World and GrannyRunstheWorld are inspiring others, and I’ve got sponsorship for 2018 from my brilliant local running shop in Otley, Yorkshire Runner, Ron Hill, whose clothes I’ve used for ten years, and Altra, who I’ve only discovered this year but have fallen in love with

Granny and Marley, ‘Finger Painting’, Otley, June 17


So my real lesson learnt isn’t about the last four days, it’s about how much we can all influence our futures if we let ourselves be the person we are capable of being and remove our self destructive tendencies, stop trying to be something we aren’t

Now its rest, enjoy family and plan for 2017. I’ll update on 2018 plans before the end of the year but they are exciting

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