Keep it simple…

The end of the year gets us all pondering our triumphs and challenges as we reflect on the last twelve months, preparing for the New Year with renewed vigour. Some of our reflections will be simple…what were the best movies, best hits, photos ? For others there will be deeper thoughts and emotions, what relationships started or ended, major health challenges, remembering people we loved that have passed away. Whatever 2017 held for us, good and bad, there will be few of us that don’t spend a few moments, thinking about what we have learnt from 2017 and what 2018 will hold for us.

Keep it simple!

I’ve shared a few thoughts with you since the summer, and as I look back on 2017, and forwards to 2018 the overwhelming focus for me is keeping it simple. I know what I am and I know what makes me happy and what value I can add. Its about showing the people that I love, just how much, through my actions. It’s about being transparent and honest to everyone I encounter, confident that I’m unique and fabulous in a world of unique and fabulous humans, never forgetting that they all have good and bad days, just like me. Keeping it simple for me, means ensuring that anything and everything I do has a positive impact on my children, but most importantly on my grand daughter Marley-Lou; directly or indirectly. It doesn’t mean others don’t matter, but I figure if I consider a 9 year old in all that I do, it will help reduce any negative impact on the planet and future generations, as well as positively impacting those I love. I’m going to lead by example.

Run Across Europe

2018 is my 50th year and I’m happy with my lot as we come to the end of 2017. My best moment this year wasn’t crossing the line in Marathon des Sables, it was finishing my solo Run to Work. I’m confident I will complete Run Across Europe in 2018, with the support of Ron Hill, Altra and the team at Yorkshire Runner, Otley. I’ve tested most of my kit this year and know what does and doesn’t work in desert heat, freezing conditions, storms and snow. I’ve also tested my body and mind and learnt that I am suited to multi-day ultra marathons but I need to take my training up a step but also keeping it simple. January and February are about increasing overall strength and flexibility with rowing, strength and conditioning, hill and interval sessions.

In March I will run from where I stopped earlier this month, Eversberg across Germany to the border with Czech Republic. I will finish in Cheb just over the border, which is supposed to be one of the most beautiful cities in Czech Republic. I’m really excited about crossing another border and the route will take me along a famous trail, the Rennsteig 169k bridle path starting in Horschel and finishing in Blankenstein. The path dates back to 1300’s with many historic boundary stones and forms the route of a popular ultra-marathon. I’m planning an average of a marathon a day with a days rest day every week, so it will take 9-10 days to complete. I have booked my last nights accommodation in Prague using my points and return flight to Leeds on 29th March, total cost so far of £49, a little less than most organized running events 🙂

This time I will not only have my body finely tuned and be mentally prepared, but also my route. I’ve never run for that length of time before so I need be fit! It will also be a trial run for an even bigger event in the summer when I will run for a full month as I continue my Run Across Europe.

I’ve been very lucky to have my family over Christmas and the house has been full of children, dogs and associated mud, paint, baking mess (oops biscuits) which makes it all the more fun! Looking forwards to another few days of relaxing with my loved ones whilst I plan my training schedule before kicking off 2018 with my simplified approach.

Happy New Year

Love Granny Tish

I'd love to hear about your running adventures, 1 mile or 100 miles!

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