Are we defined by our past or our future?

IMG_1510I never thought I would take that wrist band off after MDS in April. I was so proud and it was an amazing experience, for awhile I thought it would be one of my greatest achievements. It was A great achievement, but I’m more proud of completing Run to Work running solo across Netherlands to Essen, Germany last October. That stretched me more physically and mentally.

It’s made me realise that however high we set our goals; MDS was very high for me;  once we achieve them, we can always go higher. And its important for me, to go higher, so that I’m not defined by my past. That’s why Run the World is so perfect for me. It’s just such a big goal and its all consuming, just as I like it. As we all make our new commitments for 2018, its a great time to set that bar higher, much higher!

After a lovely Christmas filled with family, friends, food and dogs, I have enjoyed 36hrs alone and another 23hrs to go, before I devote myself to friends and family again. For now I can be 100% devoted to Run the World.  I love this time, treasure it. Of course I’m looking forwards to seeing friends and family again, but I know and they know, that to complete Run the World I need to be totally focused and single minded. Some may consider it addiction, I know its the route to me succeeding and being happy.

Run the World – Germany to Czech Republic 400k Solo Run March 2018

On the 17th March I’ll celebrate my Irish roots on St Patricks Day, by starting the next stage of Run the World, as I continue my journey across Europe. Running from Germany to Czech Republic. My 10 week training plan started today and I’m ready to get tough! Its holistic and includes:

  • Run – Make each run count!
    • The last half of 2017 was unstructured, as I found my way with Run the World.
    • This year every run counts – even with the dogs. It’s back to basics with Hill Sessions, Intervals, Tempo runs and Long Slow Back to Backs, carrying weight.
  • Lift – Strength & Stretch 
    • This is a priority – I am the worlds worst at sticking to any form of weight or strength training and stretching but I’ve resurrected my Chi Running Body Loosener’s and dusted off my rowing machine, weights and wall bars.
  • Eat – Fuel for Life!
    • I’ve been taking the easy option to fuel my running and that won’t work long term. So I’m back to focusing on nutrition as fuel for running and fuel for life.
    • I know my body well enough and it will be largely Ayurvedic
  • Sleep – Lots of it!  
    • One of the biggest changes I will make in 2018 is to sleep more and I will do this by resurrecting my focus on meditation and self hypnosis
    • Sleep will not only be about physical recovery, but also my time to mentally prepare for Run the World.

And yes…Repeat 🙂

Happy New Year,

Granny Tish


I'd love to hear about your running adventures, 1 mile or 100 miles!

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