Fancy a little 2000k Run?


I have butterflies in my stomach and am MORE EXCITED than I can contain!!! The end is in sight for Run Europe. Route planned, ticket booked and mind focused. My run will be 2000k through 7 countries in total, having started in the Netherlands. I will now continue through Germany crossing the border with Poland. Then following the Baltic Coast through, Lithuania, Russia, Latvia and Estonia. This map gives an idea but the precise is being plotted – a lot more detailed planning to do.

The warm up acts have taken me 400k, and I will have one more weekend run to pick up where I left off in Eversberg, Meschede to run 100k to Bad Salzuflen, North Rhine-Westphalia. I feel I need to move on from there, as it was a difficult finish in the winter months, and I want to start the Big Run feeling positive.

On the 19th July I will fly to Hanover and travel to Bad Salzuflen. The following day will mark the start of the most amazing run of my life. A solo six week run, completing over 1500k  – the equivalent of marathon a day, with one rest day a week.

I will go north through Germany, then follow the E9 Baltic Coast Trail  through forests and coastline into Poland. Trails are less defined after Poland so I will follow the coastline into Kallingrad, a Russian state sandwiched between Poland and Lithuania. From Lithuania I will pick up the Euro Velo 13 cycle route and continue along the Baltic Coast running through beaches, capital cities and forests in Lithuania and Latvia before arriving in  Estonia. Going as far as Estonia is ambitious and beyond my plan to finish in Latvia, but that’s my target. It seems fitting, especially as we now have an office in Estonia, so I can start and end Run Europe with an epic Run to Work!

When I had the idea to Run the World, last June, I imagined it would take me at least two years before I could start and take time out from work. I had no idea how I would achieve it. It feels amazing to know that I will soon be completing the first continent – the dream has become a reality!  To make this achievable I will travel very light, with only bare essentials including key nutrients to last me for a week. I will stay in camp sites, hostels and B&B’s with a slight upgrade to a hotel once a week for rest days.  I will mail ahead a weekly package of essentials for the following week.

I’m excited, scared and giddy all at once. After spraining my knee after a fall last weekend, I can’t run at the moment but should be back on track soon and its given me time to do some planning – the logistics are complicated. I am trying to keep it simple and remind myself it is just a lot of little runs 🙂  Nothing like a 2000k run to focus the mind however and I have a lot of training to make sure I’m ready for this!!

More to follow on how you can follow the journey and support the important dream of building a future where domestic violence is not tolerated.

Granny Tish



I'd love to hear about your running adventures, 1 mile or 100 miles!

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