I never like packing for my holidays ..

Holiday packing is always a challenge. I travel most weeks, so you would think that I’d have it down to a fine art – not so! I am the type that packs just before the flight, getting up an hour early to pack my suitcase, even when I need to leave the house at 4am. I’ve even been known to go on holiday without a suitcase, simply because I left it too late, and rather than get stressed about it, convinced myself I could get what I needed when I was there! So packing for my summer holidays this year, all six weeks of it, has been quite a challenge.

There’s not much guidance available on packing for solo running across a continent.

I’ve researched as much as I can and got some good advice but truthfully, it is not that easy to finalise a minimum kit list because there will be different terrains, different needs from Germany to Lithuania, Russia to Latvia and Poland. I’d set myself the max weight for everything that I would need to carry on my back, including water as 9kg. I’ve packed, unpacked, repacked changed my mind and packed again and again. This evening it is finished  – no more changes. My bag will weigh a maximum of 8.9kg including 1.6l of water and an average weight, excluding some food/water of around 7.7kg. That probably doesn’t sound heavy, but when I put my bag on my back this evening and imagined running a marathon a day for 6 weeks, it kind of felt heavy!

In the last week and a bit, I will be keeping a weighted bag of at least 7.5kg close by. I’ll need to ease myself in during the first week to make sure my legs and feet get used to the extra weight and I don’t end up injured. I won’t pretend I’m not worried about the weight, I have clear recollections of the state of my legs in the first few days of running through the Netherlands. I hope I have mitigated most of the risks, but i will need to monitor closely.

I’ve included a tent, sleeping bag, stove, drinking/eating equipment, 2.5 days of food, wash kit, medical kit, power, navigation and basic camp clothes. There are no luxuries except an iPod and and iPhone which will double as my camera.

It feels good to be finally done with packing!

Tomorrow I will be finally done with the route!

Enjoy the celebrations 🙂

Granny Tish x





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