Achieving Impossible Dreams

On Friday I will set off to complete a 2000 km run across 7 European countries. Writing that sentence, reminds me of earlier, when someone asked, “So you’re running 1000 miles?” My initial reaction was ”No, its not that far”. Then I realised it was actually over 1200 miles!! Yikes!

Last June, I set myself what appeared to be an impossible dream to Run the World. I had no idea how or when I’d achieve it. Then I broke it down into manageable chunks: Run Europe in the first year, seemed logical enough. Once I’d started to create a plan it became doable. It only sank in today just what a mega task it is to run across 7 countries: Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Kallingrad, Lithuania, Latvia and Sweden.

I’m often known to say, “Its not rocket science,” when faced with complex problems. It’s because I automatically break the challenge down, see the stepping stones to the end game. I realised today, that had resulted in me losing sight of the enormity of the challenge, all I was seeing were the steps towards it. And that’s not a bad thing…

Here I am, 2 days from setting off to complete a solo run across Europe, without even realising I’m about to run over 1000 miles in less than 6weeks. You could say that’s foolhardy or even crazy.  Perhaps, but it is quite feasible also. I just let myself get past the enormity of the challenge, made a plan and now I just need to do it! The purpose of today’s blog is to try to ‘normalise’ what sounds like an impossible feat so that maybe someone else realises they can achieve the impossible too. Whether its overcoming what appear to be insurmountable personal problem or achieving your ultimate dream – it is all doable!! Just Believe in Yourself  – BE YOU.

So this is the little plan 😉

  1. Pack a bag (its already packed actually – just over 9kg) with essential gear including tent and food for a few days.
  2. Jump on a plane to Germany, stay in a hotel in Dortmund on Thursday evening, then catch a taxi to Eversberg.
  3. On Friday morning I will pick up from the exact spot I stopped after my last stage and start running with my bag.
  4. Keep running for 6 days a week for the next 6 weeks – roughly a marathon each day.
  5. Stop when I’m tired and wild camp where possible or camp sites and occasional guest house. Cook on my camp stove as much as possible and enjoy the scenery.
  6. Have a rest day in a hotel once a week. Wash and moisturise and rest!
  • Wk 1 Run from Eversberg west across Germany
  • Wk 2 Continue on through Poland
  • Wk 3 Explore Poland, heading NE
  • Wk 4 Cross into Russia, Kallingrad
  • Wk 5 Run along the Baltic Coast through Lithuania and Latvia
  • Wk 6 Catch the ferry to Sweden and run around the southern part of Sweden

Having already completed 233km in 5 days running across Netherlands to Essen, Germany and a further 150km in 4 days running on to Eversberg – I should just get to 2000km, but its not about the distance – 2000 is just a round number! Its going to be an adventure on every level. I know it will push me beyond every boundary I’ve ever reached.

  • Yes. I will be exhausted – this is at least 6 times more difficult than the most difficult thing I’ve ever done.
  • Yes I will be scared and lonely at times – your support will keep me going
  • Mostly I will be exhilarated, amazed by the beauty of the world and the people in it.

And I’ll be pretty happy to know I’m achieving what seemed impossible just over a year ago. I hope it inspires you to achieve your impossible dreams! More on the journey and why I’m doing this, coming soon…..

Thanks as always for your support,

Granny Tish xx

P.S This was where the dream started..last June 🙂






I'd love to hear about your running adventures, 1 mile or 100 miles!

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