Run the Middle East

Run the Middle East!

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Yesterday I decided on the next phase of Run the World: Run the Middle East., 2,500km through Egypt, Jordan and Israel.

Starting in the Gulf of Aqaba and running across one of the Middle Easts’ most iconic deserts, the wild beauty of the Sinai for 550km including Mount Sinai and Jebel Katherina the highest peak in Egypt. The Sinai Trail was created by and is managed by the Bedouin and I am excited to learn about their culture.

A short ferry across the Gulf of Aqaba will link me to the Jordan Trail, a 650 km run along the Great Rift Valley. There I will overlook rugged wadis and cliffs, breathtaking scenery, archeological monuments and learn about the rich history and heritage of Jordan. Starting in the south near the Red Sea and running north the length of the country.

I will then continue north to the tip of Israel near the Lebanese border, turn around and run the length of Israel back to the Red Sea, a distance of 1, 015km on the Israel National Trail. This is known as one of the most epic trails in the world and will delve into the biblical landscapes and everyday lives of modern Israel to see, as National Geographic states  ”the sublime beauty of the Middle East”, something that gets lost in the headlines. I will run Mount Tabor, through Galilee, the Judean Mountains, the Jerusalem Trail and Eilat Mountains.

My aim is to stay with the Bedouin in Sinai and parts of Jordan and spend time in small kibbutzim with local families in Israel. It is going to be an incredible experience and I am already looking forwards to the planning of this trip which will bring with it many new challenges. I hope to continue to challenge our perceptions about our own capabilities, perceptions of women, and the natural generosity of most of mankind. I hope my journey continues to inspire and empower men and women to believe in themselves and live their dreams.

In the 2wks since I finished Run Europe I have started to process the lessons learnt so that I can evolve as a person, a runner and an adventurer.  I’ve found myself craving the silence  and nature that became my norm, running solo for 6wks. The day after I got back, still a little shell shocked, I had an interview with Danny Dreyer, the co-founder of Chi Running, and you can watch the discussion on the this link. Its a little long but some of the key lessons hold very true for me. Here’s the YouTube link for those interested.

I hope you enjoy the next part of the journey as it evolves,

Granny Tish

I'd love to hear about your running adventures, 1 mile or 100 miles!

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