Resolution or Revolution?

Resolution : ‘A firm decision to do something…’

Revolution: ‘A dramatic and wide reaching change in conditions, attitudes or operation’

After running across Netherlands and Germany to Poland, then across Sweden and Lithuania I reached the Latvian border on the Baltic Sea. I finished Run Europe after running along the entire Latvian coast when I crossed the Estonian border.

This time last year I was feeling accomplished for completing my first ever multi day solo run from Schiphol, Netherlands to Essen, Germany, 230k in 5 days. I was excited about finishing my Run across Europe in 2018, hoping to run 1600km over 8wks, carrying all of my belongings, including a tent. I am proud to be able to look back and realise that I exceeded my expectations for Run Europe, by running 2,085km across 7 countries. As part of that I ran over 40 marathons in 45 days this summer without any injuries.

But my biggest achievement this year, was having the courage to speak openly at work, with friends and family and in social media about domestic violence, without feeling ashamed. I found my voice and started to tell the story about being abused as a young pregnant teenager and young mother. I did so to raise awareness that domestic violence is impacting 35% of women worldwide, the repercussions of which impact generations.

The aim of Run the World has always been about inspiring others to believe in their dreams, to be proud of who they are and to never feel ashamed of speaking out about domestic violence. I have been humbled by the stories I have heard this year and honoured that strangers have felt capable of sharing their stories with me, and hopefully to take one small step towards positive change in their lives.


I resolve to, and am completely committed to, reach a far bigger audience, to inspire, educate and raise awareness of the shocking statistic that 35% of women worldwide experience domestic violence.

Together we can create a revolution, if we refuse to accept this horrific statistic, and believe that dramatic and wide reaching change is possible. This requires a change in our attitudes, we can make a difference. No woman should ever feel ashamed to speak out and ask for help. We can all be more vigilante, more supportive, encouraging an environment that enables friends, family, colleagues and strangers to seek help and stop this abuse.

Run the Middle East and Run India

This year will see two major solo Runs: Run the Middle East in Autumn and Run India commencing in December 2019 and finishing in January 2020. There are significant logistically and safety challenges to address for both with a lot to work through, but this will happen and I hope you enjoy the journey as plans evolve.

Run the World Charity

Your generosity to date has been immense with over £15k raised for a variety of charities and I cannot thank you enough. This year will see Run the World charity established to ensure that any further funds raised can go directly to the regions in which I am running, to educate and support victims and their families to seek a better life.

Please join the revolution and support by spreading the message and sharing this page.

Happy New Year.


  • Lisa Rigsby

    Happy new year, Tish. Thank you for raising awareness about domestic abuse. I am so amazed by and proud of your accomplishments!!!!!

    • tishjoyce

      Thank you for your support Lisa. Its going to be a busy year this year and I am really excited by the opportunities we will have to raise awareness to a much wider audience. Happy New Year to you to!!

  • SilverFox

    Hi, what a fantastic story! I’d be keen to contact you to ask some questions, I think your challenge and journey may help me in my huge 2020 challenge. Would that be possible? I know you receive my email etc, please feel free to reach and thank you!

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