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This is the journey about balancing work, motherhood and grand-parenting with a crazy ambition to Run the World. As a teenager and young parent I was abused by my partner, and it has taken me over thirty years to have the confidence to speak out publicly. In doing so I want to raise awareness about the prevalence of domestic violence in our society. 35% of women worldwide have experienced domestic violence which is shocking statistic which has repercussions for generations.

This is happening in our homes, our schools and our workplaces and we need challenge ourselves to talk openly about it, so that those impacted have the confidence to speak out and get help. My aim is to use Run the World as a platform to inspire and educate others to believe in their dreams, whatever their circumstances, to speak out, ask for help and take one step forwards to building the confidence to realise their dreams.


I’ve always believed we are capable of anything, as long as we have belief in ourselves. When I started this journey, my life had moved on and I was no longer in an abusive situation. Life was relatively comfortable, at 49, living in Otley, West Yorkshire with my flat-coat retrievers Pluto and Cosmo, my children were growing up: my eldest daughter, Jasmine is 31, and step children Megan, Tyler and Logan in their late teens. I needed something that would take me to the next stage of life, something that really seemed impossible! So I decided to Run the World!

Run the World Inspiration

On June 25th 2017, I had a random idea to Run the World. I had no idea when I would start or how I would do it, as I work full time, do not have the resources to stop work, have family commitments and simply am not that strong a runner. For all those reasons it was exactly the kind of challenge I needed! From the outset I knew I wanted to use Run the World as a platform to inspire others, but it took me some time to find my voice.

I started this blog the moment I had the idea to Run the World, as I knew this was going to change my life and I hoped many others. I wanted to share the journey – good and bad, inspiring others to achieve their dreams, no matter if there are false starts, believe in yourself.

If this story inspires you to make one step towards your dreams that would be perfect.

I’m very lucky to have a very special 10 year old grand daughter, Marley-Lou. Since before she was born she has inspired me to get healthy and be the best I can be, so that I can show her we can truly do anything as long as we believe. Being a Granny is one of the proudest things I am! I want to make sure she does not grow up in a world where it is accepted that over a third of women will be abused by their partners.


I started running to get healthy, after a long break in January 2016. I stopped smoking and drinking alcohol and in the process managed to lose a lot of excessive weight. Running has helped me to get a more healthy attitude to work. I’ve done some amazing marathons including the Inca Trail Marathon, the Great Wall Marathon. In  2017 I completed the Marathon des Sables, amazingly in the Top 50 women, just months after recovering from foot surgery. However I’m not an amazing runner, I just have belief and work hard to be the best I can be.

Thanks for reading! Enjoy your life.

Please follow me on this blog for updates and I’m also on facebook and instagram as Granny Tish and GrannyRunstheWorld for more regular updates.



Press…if you’re interested in how I turned my life around a few articles below will give some insight to flick through 🙂

A collection of local and national publications about Granny Tish and the journey to Run the World…

November 2017, Choice Magazine by Judy Hobson, providing a great write up about recovering from ankle surgery before completing MDS, my surgeon Nick Harris was amazing.

Women’s Running Magazine, October 2017 Issue by Lisa Jackson, tells the story about how MDS helped me to change my life and have a more healthy attitude.


BBC Radio Leeds Interview with Liz Green Live, on the Morning Show, July 12th 2017, my first ever Radio interview!!!

Click here to listen at 1.49mins in Tish announces Run the World Live


Yorkshire Post, 12th July 2017 – Click here for article: Tish Runs Toughest Foot Race  


Yorkshire Evening Post, 4th July 2017 – Click here for the article: Grandmother hot foots it to the Sahara



Spire Healthcare Magazine, July 4th 17: Clickher for the article Remarkable Return for Ultramarathon Runner

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