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I was hugely honoured to be have the opportunity to talk to Danny Dreyer, founder and CEO of Chi Running about Run Europe last week. You can view the video link below. You can view the interview here  YouTube link .

first I wanted to explain why I have been an evangelist for Chi Running for over 10yrs. Although I enjoyed cross country running in school, I soon got caught up in life and let my health and running come second place. Before I knew it I was approaching 40, unfit and unhealthy. I decided to enter for try to get fit and first did a 5k and then a half marathon to force myself to start running again as I was approaching my 40th birthday. It was a slow process but I managed to run for 1 mile and then 2 and continued to slowly run further.  Unfortunately I kept getting injured with shin splints and twisting my ankle over and over again. I spent so much time in physio and ended up running with a stiff ankle brace for the half marathon.

However I was absolutely determined to run and it was mind over matter, pushing my body forwards whether it wanted to go or not. I was overjoyed to finish the half marathon and immediately knew I wanted to run more, but also knew that I didn’t want to keep getting injured. I had pushed my body so much I could barely walk the next day. I knew that there had to be a better way.

We had a long drive home from the north of Scotland to Yorkshire after the half marathon and en route we stopped in Edinburgh. As I tend to, I headed for a bookshop, I recall it being huge. All I could think of was that I needed to find a way to run without getting injured, I knew there must be something I could do but I didn’t know what. I wandered the shelves for sometime and found your a book called: Chi Running.  I’d never heard of Chi Running but the minute I picked it up and read the back cover I knew it was for me. I had and have such a strong belief in it, I trained in Dublin, Berlin and Netherlands to ensure I had an in depth understanding of Chi Running working with Chi Running Masters.

I read half of it whilst being driven home and I’ve never been without a copy. I have found the videos, books and phone apps to be so simple and easy to follow. I even got my children to watch then years ago, and got my now 82yr old mother to follow the Chi Walking manual, she still has it, 10yrs later and Chi walks 3miles virtually every day, way faster than me!

I’ve had two injuries in 10yrs since starting Chi Running, that is having completed many extreme marathons including Marathon des Sables, Inca Trail Marathon, Great Wall of China Marathon, not to mention Run Europe which included 40 marathons in 45 consecutive days. Those injuries were from changing my shoes to low profile too quickly, and massively increasing mileage too quickly a couple of years ago causing a stress fracture.

Chi Running truly is effortless, injury free running!

To find out more about Chi Running click here.. Chi Running

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